Frozen Product List

Batard 16" 1411
Bolillo Roll New
Brioche 4" Round New
Challah style rolls - different sizes New
Chocolate (White) Roll New
Ciabatta 14" 1656
Ciabatta 7" 1466
Ciabatta Artisan 22" 1488
Ciabatta Artisan Multigrain 22" 1629
Ciabatta Roll 1446
Ciabatta Square 4x4 1461
Cocktail Rye Sliced (Plain, Marble, Seeded, Pumpernickel)
Cocktail Rye Sliced (Plain, Marble, Seeded, Pumpernickel) 4 Varieties
photo of cuban bread by vieiras bakery
Cuban Bread 14" 1669
Cuban Bread 22" 1547
Dinner - Challah style rolls New
Dinner - Cranberry Multipgrain New
Dinner - Foccacia with Herbs New
Dinner - Rosemary Olive Oil 3x3 New
Dinner Artisan Roll 1398
Dinner Artisan Rolls - 12pk Thaw & Sell 1554
Dinner Bread Stick 9 Grain 6" New
Dinner Diamond 4" Roll New
Dinner French Oval Roll New
Dinner Individually/Wrapped Rolls Various
Dinner Multigrain Diamond & Stick 4" New
Dinner Multigrain Roll New
Dinner Multigrain Round & Oval Rolls New
Dinner Multigrain Sticks new
Dinner Oat Top Round Roll New
photo of Olive Dinner Rolls from Vieiras Bakery
Dinner Olive Roll 1704
Dinner Pesto Roll New
photo of mini Portuguese rolls 12 Pack Thaw & Sell
Dinner Portuguese Roll - 12pk Thaw & Sell 1420
Dinner Portuguese Roll WW - 10pk Thaw & Sell 1567
Dinner Raisin-Sunflower Seed Roll New
photo of Rosemary Dinner Rolls from Vieiras Bakery
Dinner Rosemary Roll 1702
Dinner Rye Marble Roll New
Dinner Seeded Square New
Dinner Sesame Seed New
photo of Sour Dough Rustic Dinner Rolls by Vieiras Bakery
Dinner Sour Dough Rustic Roll 1705
Dinner Square 2.8x2.8 TBD
Dinner Sundried Tomato Roll New
Dinner Sweet Cinammon New
Dinner Sweet Cinammon/Raisin New
Dinner WW Roll New
Dinner, Cinnamon Roll New
Ficelle 11" (Plain, Rosemary, or Garlic) New
Ficelle 9 Grain 11" New
Focaccia Pannini Bread 1868
Foccacia 4" Round New
French Baguette 22" 1835
photo of French Baguette bread from Vieiras Bakery
French Bread 1495
Gallego Roll 1445
photo of Garlic Roll  by Vieiras Bakery
Garlic Roasted Roll 1436
Hoagie 6Pk Thaw & Sell 1430
Kaiser 6 Pack Thaw & Sell 1553
Kaiser Roll 1521
Kaiser Roll Poppy New
Kaiser Roll Sesame New
Loaf, Brioche (whole or sliced) New
Loaf, Chives 6" Round New
Loaf, French - Sliced New
Loaf, Gallego 9oz 1442
photo of Roasted Garlic Bread by Vieiras Bakery
Loaf, Garlic Roasted 1422
Loaf, Italian 1lb 1545
Loaf, Italian Country 1690
photo of Olive Loaf by Vieiras Bakery
Loaf, Olive Artisan 1311
photo of Portuguese Sweet Bread  by Vieiras Bakery
Loaf, Portuguese Sweet 1498
Loaf, Pull Apart Foccacia Plain 1621
Loaf, Pull Apart Foccacia Rosemary 1623
Loaf, Raisin Sunflower Seed New
Loaf, Russian Rye New
Loaf, Rye 1Lb (Plain, Marble, Seeded, Pumpernickel) New
Loaf, Rye Cocktail (Plain, Marble, Seeded, Pumpernickel) New
Loaf, Rye Marble - Sliced New
Loaf, Saloio 1630
photo of vieiras semolina loaf
Loaf, Semolina 1640
Loaf, Semolina - Sliced New
Loaf, Sicilian Loaf New
Loaf, Sour Dough Rustic 1643
Loaf, Sweet Potato New
Loaf, Whole Wheat 9 Grain 1838
Loaf, Whole Wheat 9 Grain - 2lb Sliced New
photo of Whole Wheat Saloio bread by Vieiras Bakery
Loaf, Whole Wheat Saloio 1633
Multigrain Roll 1828
photo of pmr bread by Vieiras Bakery
P.M.R. Large 1581
Pannini 3"x7" 1868
PMC Roll 1631
PMR Mini (King/Bishop Roll) New
photo of Portuguese PRM Roll from Vieiras
PMR Roll 1632
Portuguese Roll 1408
Portuguese Roll - Mini 1614
Portuguese Roll - Mini WW New
Portuguese Roll - Hand Made 1604
Portuguese Roll WW 1672
Saloio 4" Round New
Saloio Roll 1648
Steak Roll 1400
photo of sundried tomato roll by vieiras bakery
Sundried Tomato Roll 1437
Whole Grain 51% - Multiple Shapes & Sizes 1880
Whole Wheat 9 Grain Roll 1837